Call to Prayer Shia (2015)

Call to Prayer Shia (2015)

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Ever feel completely lost in the anxiety of worldly ambition, then the call to prayer draws you out of the self to remember that all things, thoughts, feelings & beings are ultimately united under the great mystery that we call God ? In this way the adhan ( call to prayer ) has inspired me to prostrate ( namaz ) in awe & reverence before Allah سبحانه و تعالى 
This particular recitation used in Shia Islam has often touched me deeply, yet as my murshad ( master ) has guided me in the way of sincerity, i don't personally subscribe to any one intellectual truth as everyone is true from their own perspective & religion can just as easily be a path to unite as to divide.

01. Call to Prayer Shia

Released August 27, 2017
Recorded & mastered in New York City

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