Heer Waris Shah (2016)

Heer Waris Shah (2016)

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Traditional sufi heer sung in punjabi by Tahir Faridi Qawwal, written by Hazrat Waris Shah in the eighteenth century ( 1766 ). It's a poetic love saga that seems to continue for eternity, an oral tradition from long ago that explores the eternal play of lover n beloved through the relationship of Heer & Ranjha. As well as being a deeply mystical piece, it also beautifully paints an emotional picture of the rural lifestyle of old punjab. The verse & metaphors of the poem resurface often in qawwali, kafi & other traditional music forms from Pakistan/India.

Dholi Chardiyan Mariyan Heer Chikan

Tahir Faridi Qawwali - Vocals & Harmonium. 
Pandit Sangeet Mishra - Sarangi 
Produced by Tabaruq Records & Temple Step.

01. Heer Waris Shah

Released November 30, 2016 

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